GreenDAVID believes in a two pronged approach to ecosystem renewal
First, change over to electric appliances to reduce CO2;
Second, rebuild the soil to regain the carbon lost.
Here are 4 of the new projects we are working on right now

Join “Cohort 2021” Grid-tie solar

GreenDAVID is solar power. Choose your improved 2021 solution

  • Grid tied battery is your powerful 2021 solution for small business and homes on or off grid. Generate your own power and save!
  • Grid tie basic is a lower cost approach designed for faster payback in smaller homes.
A coproduction of Apricity Renewables and BobolinkSolar

Replenish the soil, sow fungi  

GreenDAVID is regenerative agriculture. Modern agriculture has changed the soil. One regenerative solution is to bring that rich fungal environment back.

funFUNGI is an experiment open to 500 citizen scientists: Use our unique fungal inoculant to enrich your soils and report back! Fun for researchers from 10 to 100.

Join our Kickstarter and get your funFUNGI kit here!

Homeowners and builders unite!

GreenDAVID is an app that helps Homeowners connect with the Trades in order to reduce CO2 production and save money at the same time.

  • Build a plan. The app helps you look at your home and works with you to eliminate ongoing CO2 production.
  • Look at all the options. Look at solar to make cheap power. Look at heat pumps for home heat and cooling, as well as hot water; and save money. Yup, and then schedule when to make the change.
  • Find an installer. Once you have your plan and timeline; summon an installer. All within the app. As easy as pie. 

Look who’s working on this new world

GreenDAVID is a knowledge source. Technology, education, hard work and brainpower are the keys to reducing and storing CO2.

In this section learn how other people have already built homes, installed tech, and done the real work to reduce their costs and their climate footprint.

Plus, Kelvin Hodges explains how Canada could save money and the planet in a video series outlining a future of wealth, health and happiness. Coming soon.

Friends of Lanark County

Friends of Lanark County is a community based initiative aimed at eliminating the application of toxins to our streets, roads, ditches and Lanark soils.

  • Website of the Month. They have built a very informative and useful website and facebook page.
  • Stop the poisons. As the evidence of health and environmental damage due to the excess use of toxins increases; we join together to create change.
  • Volunteer. Friends of Lanark County is our website of the month. Congratulations to the team for their hard work.

Join the flock, we are growing

GreenDAVID is a fair, safe place to grow new ideas.

Kelvin Hodges has been given a gift recently. He was able to attend a “masters class in Renewable Energy Business Development” sponsored by EcoFUEL Quebec (merci beaucoup!). Three months of learning from lifetimes of lessons. Pretty amazing.

This knowledge is available to anyone working to save the planet. Contact Kelvin here to start a dialogue.

Volunteers needed! Bag fungal rich soils, manage Funding campaigns, support application building, do the good work … we need you!