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The GreenDAVID initiative starts now

We hold these tenets to be true:

  • Cleaning up the planet involves everyone. We are all responsible for doing our bit, be it small or be it mighty.
  • We are all required to reduce our own creation of CO2 by leaving fossil fuels behind.
  • We are all asked to work to restore the natural carbon levels in soil.

Where do we start?

Step 1

Change over to electric appliances to reduce CO2; this includes garden tools, cars, home heat and cool, and all the rest. If it has an electric motor its very likely cheaper, easier to maintain, has a lower running cost; as well as working to eliminate CO2 production.

Here GreenDAVID’s focus is to help folks understand and install solar. Solar of all kinds is a cornerstone of the transition to clean energy. Large scale solar is the lowest cost energy human civilization has ever seen; home solar is incredibly robust, lowering grid costs, enabling stable energy supply, improving home value.

GreenDAVID has also been active in promoting and helping install heat pump technology for home use. Heat Pumps are suitable across a wide range of Canadian climate zones. May we suggest, for Canada, basic standards are: good to -30 with an HSPF of 12 or better.

Step 2

Then we recapture CO2; at GreenDAVID we believe there are many ways to store or capture CO2. As we are Canadian with large farm and garden areas we are looking at three methods. These are notill farming; cover cropping; and EOM (exogenous organic matter — which means finding organic materials elsewhere to apply to soil rebuilding in farms and gardens).

Our current focus is to use fungal dominant compost (fdc) as an EOM to rebuild home, garden and farm soil. You can learn more about this process by going to ONfungi.net.

Thank you.

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