Who we are

Kelvin, left, talks with his friend Jim. Jim built a passive solar straw bale home; a renewable power system; and much more. COVID haircuts! Sheesh.


Kelvin Hodges is generating a renewable world. Its a big job for one guy. However, after an experience on his farm where thousands of species of bee suddenly vanished; out of this silence; he seeks joy by working to rebuild the environment around him.

Part of Kelvin’s journey, aside from living off grid for 10 years, is he started a solar sales business Bobolinksolar.com. From this platform he was able to create new kinds of relationships including the building and support of other people’s off grid dreams. 

This work is now supported by a variety of friends, customers and solar advocacy groups including SmartNET allianceEcoFUEL Accelerator and many more.


Ross Green is a PEng in solar technology. He’s supporting the new Grid-tied program.


Ross Green is probably off snow boarding or skiing or hanging out someplace cool. 

Luckily, when he has nothing better to do he’s a solar engineer and he’s helping create the new Cohort 2021 solar project. We’re building two new solar installations; either grid tie with battery or a simpler grid tie with module based inverters.

Ross is incredibly brilliant and builds amazing projects. For more information on his company, see Apricity Renewables.

Scott Hortop is our Fun guy Funghi expert. He loves to compost leaves. And we love the experiment in Funghi his labours have allowed us to create.


Scott Hortop is a retired project director who is having fun composting leaves and other natural materials. 

With a new approach to composting he has built some rich fungal inoculants; we are using these to create a citizen science experiment aimed at regenerating depleted soils.

Join us on Kickstarter … coming soon!

Frank S is supporting the APP build. He’s shy. We’ll get his picture eventually.


Frank S is a shy retiring programmer having fun with Blazor.

Together with Kelvin he’s trying to find a way to let homeowners plan a CO2 fighting strategy for reducing home energy emissions and adding solar energy creation. 

Once you have your plan the APP will help you find a Trades person or company and get the work done.

Other folks are coming soon. We’re getting there!