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  • Arbuscular fungi symbiosis for us

    The premise is that we explore different fungi and find the best matches for a given environment.

  • Grid tied home system

    To build a Grid Tied home system in Ontario you need to get a Hydro One approval. Here is a link to a “Hydro One Net Metering Agreement Guide“. At this point, if you require additional support for your grid tied system we can recommend Kelvin Hodges at for consulting. He will have additional…

  • GreenDAVID home heating decider app

    Programmer Frank and Kelvin looked at creating a home heating and cooling systems decider app. They worked out the logic based on variables such as The app user followed a simple series of pages inputting information and letting the app make recommendations as to what decisions the home owner should make. Hint: it always involved…

  • ONfungi looks at how we might rebuild carbon and improve fertility in soils

    FunFungi seeks to help us store carbon. One part of the planet clean up project.

  • GreenDAVID

    Welcome to GreenDAVID, where we try to cut CO2 by using electricity for home energy and automobile use; as well as store CO2 with funghi replenishment for degraded soils and regenerative agriculture.